The Lo family has been a local pillar in the restaurant industry for 38+ years with several American and Asian restaurants including their landmark restaurant, Oriental Jade, and has also hosted one of the region’s first beer festivals alongside the Kahbang Arts & Music Festival.    They have decided to partner with brewing experts and our head brewer, Jared Lambert, an avid brewer in the Bangor scene.   


  • Our Values / Mission Statement

    Do what’s honest, responsible and principled to deliver the best quality product and experience to our customers.

    Make a positive impact on our community, society and give back.

    Embrace and support craft, art, music, freedom, acceptance, and expression.

    Treat employees, customers, and partners fairly and the way we would want to be treated.

    Spread the message of joy, love, compassion, care, abundance, great food, and craft beer.

    Have fun, be humble and don’t take ourselves too seriously, but be professional and take pride in our work.

  • Our Brewer, Jared Lambert, has been brewing for over a decade is very passionate about bringing you the highest quality beer possible. Expect a wide range of styles from crushable lagers, hop bomb IPAs, chocolatey stouts and kettle sours. Nothing is off the table. He’s excited to put his heart and soul into this beer for our wonderful city Bangor, Maine, and most importantly you!